Products for Aquafeed

  • Better gut health with low ANF
  • High nutrient digestibility
  • Cost effective vegetable protein source
  • Reduced organic waste

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HP AquaSure

Trial results indicate improved intestinal health which can contribute to a better feed conversion ratio.

Feeding sea bass, salmon, trout and sea bream a diet containing Hamlet Protein products has many animal health, production and overall performance advantages.

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Pro-terra secures sustainable soy sourcing

All our non-GMO SBM is documented sustainable and ProTerracertified. ProTerrais a Standard for Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability in Agriculture and is based on the Basel Criteria on Responsible Soy, published in 2005.

The aim of the ProTerraStandard is to foster good agricultural practice, the protection of high conservation value areas, the environment and biodiversity in general, rural workers as well as communities by linking production and demand of Non-GMO commodities in full traceability.

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Benefitting from our products

HP AquaSure provides many production, and sustainability advantages all while maintaining palatability and consistency of aquafeed. This means that not only does HP AquaSure not compromise on quality, it also maintains diets that are desirable, driving feed intake and growth.

Product benefits

  • Improved intestinal health
  • Reduced organic waste contributing to sustainability
  • Cost efficient and high-quality vegetable protein source
Aquafeed product benefits