No diarrhea and improved FCR: Case with HP 800 Booster

After 14 days of using HP 800 Booster in feed for the smallest piglets, the farm reported an improvement in feed conversion and no sign of diarrhea.

The Danish pig farm Lerbjerggaard has in total 1,300 sows, which produce 40,000 30kg/66 lb piglets. Mortality is 1.5% from 5-30kg (11-66 lb) piglets, daily gain is 450-520g/day (1 lb) and feed conversion is 1.8kg (4 lb) feed/kg gain. The farm has a very low medicine consumption. It is ¼ of the average in Denmark. Medication only takes place at the individual animal or pen level.

Due to the fact that the farm had some very large week batches in the sow production – which meant weaning very small piglets around 4.5-5kg (10-11 lb) – HP 800 Booster was introduced.

After app. 14 days the staff reported that feed conversion was improved and that there was no diarrhea at all in the period.

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