HP AquaSure – A cost effective, high-quality protein source for aquaculture

HP AquaSure is appropriate in diets formulated for sea bass, salmon, trout and sea bream. Feeding HP AquaSure can improve intestinal health, and reduce environmental impact of aquaculture production.

Current issues facing aquaculture

Fish meal is regarded as one of the highest quality protein sources in aquafeed, however, using fish meal in aquafeed formulations is also a source of many challenges. Most of the fish meal produced for aquafeeds and other livestock comes from forage fish species bringing into question the sustainability of the practice. Harvesting forage fish for fish meal (and fish oils used within other industries) may quickly deplete this population, disrupting the ecosystem and contributing to negative environmental impacts.

Fish meal is also a very costly feed ingredient. The combined sustainability implications and high cost have led producers to begin to include soy protein in aquafeed formulations, however, soy naturally contains anti-nutritional factors (ANFs) that can have negative impacts on digestion, health and performance.

Introducing HP AquaSure

HP AquaSure is a specialty soy ingredient that harnesses all the benefits of soy without including any of the negatives. Our patented production process removes the majority of ANFs naturally found in soy, producing a product that is high-quality, palatable, provides production benefits and contributes to environmental sustainability.

  • Low content of anti-nutritional factors
  • Rich in digestible protein
  • Maintains nutrient quality and palatability

The benefits of HP AquaSure

Feeding HP AquaSure will not only provide similar cost savings to replacement of fish meal with conventional soy ingredients but through the removal of ANFs, it also maintains a similar superior nutrient quality that is achieved by using fish meal. Organic waste is also greatly reduced by including HP AquaSure in aquafeed formulations, providing both sustainability and waste management advantages.

A reduction in organic waste production provides benefits in both open and closed rearing systems. In open systems, less waste helps to minimize the chances of eutrophication of the seabed and soils on nearby sores, enhancing sustainability of production.

On the other hand, in closed systems, less waste has production advantages. Recirculating systems used in closed rearing systems are challenged by high volumes of organic waste, risking an unsuitable growing environment. Less waste being produced means less risk of an unsuitable growing environment and less workload for the recirculating system.

Aside from environmental and production advantage, formulating with HP AquaSure in the mix also provides advantages from a health and performance perspective. When looking at hepatosomatic index (HSI), an indicator of the energy status, HSI scores were improved in fish fed HP AquaSure meaning that energy status is improved.

Ensuring intestinal health through diet is one of the most important factors influencing overall health, growth and performance. Feeding HP AquaSure improves the ratio of internal to external intestine perimeter, indicating an increased area for nutrient absorption and improved intestinal health. Improved intestinal health can lead to improved feed conversion ratios, providing further production advantages.

HP AquaSure provides many production, and sustainability advantages all while maintaining palatability and consistency of aquafeed. This means that not only does HP AquaSure not compromise on quality, it also maintains diets that are desirable, driving feed intake and growth.

  • Improved intestinal health
  • Reduced organic waste contributing to sustainability
  • Cost efficient and high-quality vegetable protein source

HP AquaSure is sure to deliver all the benefits of a high quality protein source - without the price tag.


Providing the right nutrition in the first life stage determines the overall lifetime performance of the animal. Our soy-based specialty ingredients improve health, welfare and performance of young animals. That is how we deliver a strong return on investment to producers around the world.