Safe weaning with long-lasting gains

Trouble-free piglet weaning has a lot to do with the composition of the weaning feed. Easily digestible proteins are the best investment for a healthy, well balanced gut, to maximize growth potential and provide long-term financial rewards.

HAMLET PROTEIN’s patented bioconversion process minimizes the anti-nutritional factors naturally present in soy. This ensures our proteins are palatable and easy to digest, making them high-performing alternatives to fishmeal, blood plasma and other high quality protein products.

Since the EU ban on antibiotic growth promoters, we have played an active role in reformulating weaning feed recipes. Today, farmers benefit from healthy piglet diets that give the very best performance.

Benefits that add up to a good business

Numerous international feeding trials have documented the positive effects on piglet health, growth and performance.

These include:

  • High protein digestibility due to the low content of anti-nutritional factors
  • Rich content of essential amino acids
  • Improved feed conversion ratio
  • Strong, uniform piglet growth
  • Good return on investment
  • Access to expert knowledge on young animal nutrition

Low ANF and improved FCR

Even though soy is an excellent vegetable protein, soy also contains components which can hinder the digestibility in the gut of the young animal, such as antigenic protein, oligosaccharides, phytic acid, lectins and trypsin inhibitors. As a whole, we refer to these as anti-nutritional factors(ANFs).

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Uniform growth and reduced need for antibiotics

Hamlet Protein ensures better gut health and growth among the smallest piglets. This leads to higher uniformity as they grow older meaning less work for the farmer as the herd reaches their end weight at the same time.

Young animals gain weight faster when their feed contains HAMLET PROTEIN ingredients. This can be explained by the high digestibility of our proteins.

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Faster protein delivery for increased performance

When it comes to feed, proteins that are hydrolyzed and absorbed fast in the intestine pose great benefits for your animals.

Research shows that such proteins (fast hydrolysis and absorption) can improve the performance and feed efficiency of the animals. If your feed contains fast hydrolysable and absorbable proteins, your animal can better utilize the feed. HAMLET PROTEIN is hydrolyzed faster than other soy-based proteins.

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