The best alternative to dairy proteins ​

Calves get the most out of their feed when it contains HP 100 from HAMLET PROTEIN. Thanks to the very low content of soy antigens, the essential amino acids in our proteins are easily absorbed. Our patented production process also contributes to an appealing flavor.

Feeding trials have documented key benefits:

• Good weight gain
• High nutrient uptake
• High digestibility

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The best choice for pre-starter feed

A pre-starter feed with HP 300 for calves from HAMLET PROTEIN is the key to efficient rumen development from an early stage. Our specialty soy protein is highly digestible in the small intestine and has a taste that calves prefer, it eases the transition from calf milk replacers to solid feed – reducing feed costs overall. Feeding trials have documented key benefits:

  • Increased growth
  • Faster rumen development for smooth weaning
  • Lower total feed costs
  • Low incidence of diarrhea
  • Palatable taste.

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