HP 100 - The protein solution for CMR

HP 100 is a protein alternative to calf milk replacer when a cost-efficient alternative to dairy protein is need. HP 100 is also used as top dressing in whole milk to secure high protein intake in rearing calves.

Product features

  • Same high protein and amino acid digestibility as whey protein
  • Superior product functionality with low risk of sedimentation
  • Low content of anti-nutritional factors
  • Also available as non-GM
  • Same growth rate as dairy products
  • Feces consistency is more firm
  • Highly palatable flavor

Recommended inclusion rate

  • 12 – 20% inclusion in CMR or whole milk

Product testing

HP 100 is superior to other vegetable protein products used in CMR. The HP 100 series offers a number of advantages by having a low content of anti-nutritional factors.

In vivo digestibility trials from University of Illinois, US, using calves surgically fitted with a T-cannula at the terminal ileum show same protein and amino acid digestibility as a whey based milk replacer.

This high digestibility is also reflected on farm level where the Grange Research Centre, Ireland compared skim-milk powder with HP 100 and other soy protein concentrates. In the milk replacer, 43% of whey protein was replaced by soy protein. During the CMR feeding period the HP 100 fed calves slowly begin to grow better and after transitioned to the same starter feed, the HP 100 calves keep the head start all the way to the end of the trial at day 84.

Superior functionality

Our process improves the dispersibility of the protein product. This means that; the protein is subject to a light flocculation and stays longer in suspension in the milk. Other products start to sink immediately and form a solid sediment. Using HP 100 in milk results in a homogeneous solution for maximum availability of all nutrients while the calf is drinking.

HP 100 calf milk replacer

The protein in calf milk replacer for the youngest calves is typically based on dairy proteins. But high quality vegetable protein can outmatch dairy protein and become a cost-efficient alternative to dairy.

HP 100 is an optimized and functional soy protein for calf milk replacer with a proven carry over effect. With HP 100 in your calf milk replacer you get:

• Optimal growth at lower cost

• High nutrient uptake

• Highly palatable flavor

Product benefits

Calves get the most out of their feed when it contains HP 100 from HAMLET PROTEIN. Thanks to the very low content of non-protein nitrogen and other anti-nutritional factors, the essential amino acids in our proteins are easy to digest and absorb. Our patented production process also contributes to an appealing flavor.

Feeding trials have documented key benefits:

• Improved weight gain
• High nutrient uptake
• Reduced feed costs
• High digestibility

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