Our performance is always on trial

International research institutes, test farms and customers regularly test our products in feeding trials. The findings document the nutritional and functional advantages of our products and their long-term effect on animal performance overall.

Most importantly, the trials keep us on our toes – so we continue to deliver value-adding solutions to farmers around the world.

Our customers are our priority

Our soy-based specialty ingredients improve health, welfare and performance of young animals. That is how we deliver a strong return on investment to producers around the world.

20 feeding trials across 10 countries have tested the effect of HP 300 in feed for weaning pigs. Our analysis of the results confirms what our customers have long experienced: that feed containing our speciality soy protein really is more efficient than feed supplemented with other soy or animal-based proteins.

Pig producers often get back to us and confirm good results when using our products in their piglet feed. Typically they replace fishmeal or another animal or vegetable protein source with either HP 300 or HP 800 Booster.

Results from 20 years of feeding trials with HP 300

A meta-analysis of 20 external feeding trials across 10 countries has confirmed what our customers have long experienced: that weaning feed containing HP 300 is more efficient than feed supplemented with other soy or animal-based proteins.

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Effect on gut health - study with HP 300

Study adds weight to healthy feed claims. Piglets have a healthier gut and gain more in weight when they are weaned on feed supplemented with HP 300 from HAMLET PROTEIN.

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As good as animal protein at less cost - trial with HP 800 Booster

Blood plasma and fishmeal are widely regarded as the best protein sources for weaned piglets. Leuven University in Belgium tested this belief in a feeding trial that compared HP 800 Booster with blood plasma.

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More weight gain after 37 days - trial with HP 800 Booster

A three-phase study by the University of Arkansas Animal Science Research Farm has found that HP 800 Booster increases piglet feed intake and has a long-lasting effect on average daily weight gain.

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Case studies - Feedback from farms

Lifting profits: Replacing fishmeal with HP 300

The effect was immediate when the Danish farm Frihedslund replaced the fishmeal in its piglet feed for HP 300.Average daily gain improved, mortality declined and feed costs were dramatically reduced.

CASE study on replacing fishmeal

No diarrhea and improved FCR: Case with HP 800 Booster

Mortality is low and daily weight gain high at Lerbjerggaard pig farm, which also stands out for its very low use of medicine. After 14 days of using HP 800 Booster in feed for the smallest piglets, the farm reported an improvement.

CASE study on improved fcr and diarrhea