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Formulating the best possible feed for young animals takes expert knowledge about nutritional needs, microbiological safety and feed legislation.

At Hamlet Protein, you’ll meet a team with a deep knowledge of animal nutrition and health. Together with you, they will design the best protein solution for your feed.

Feeding trials have documented key benefits:

• Good weight gain
• High nutrient uptake
• High digestibility
• Access to expert knowledge


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Nicolas Anglade

Category Manager Ruminant

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Products for ruminants

Calves grow best when the proteins in their feed are easy to digest. While dairy proteins used to be the first choice, today specialty soy proteins can do the job just as well.

HAMLET PROTEIN’s specialty products support rumen development, so rose and rearing calves reach their slaughter weight earlier and heifers get the best start to their productive life as an adult dairy cow.


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